Wisdom for Charity Blog Series

By: Reality SF

Wisdom isn’t selfish. The good life that she enables us to live is one of mercy, sacrifice and generosity, loving our neighbors as ourselves. It is a life of charity, defined as benevolent goodwill toward others. This 5-part blog series, appearing every other Friday beginning on April 11th, will focus on various elements of wisdom as it pertains to loving well. Also included with each blog is a supplemental reading.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Panhandler Conundrum – Why Charity Demands Wisdom

How the complexities of charity in a city inundated with drugs and beggars illustrate our need for more than mere religious rules.

Supplemental Reading: Toxic Charity

Part 2: The Monkey and the Fish – The Danger of Assuming

An allegory for how wisdom entails slowing down to listen and learn because, more than knowing facts, charity requires that we know people.

Supplemental Reading: Serving with Eyes Wide Open

Part 3: Conversation – A Testimony of Tough Love

Through a challenging but encouraging story, we share how wisdom can be found and applied to difficult decisions in charity.

Supplemental Reading: When Helping Hurts

Part 4: Charity and the Good Life – Knowing the Roots of Service

We explore further how loving well depends on knowing the good life from the bad.

Supplemental Reading: Ministries of Mercy

Part 5: Walking in Wisdom – An Update as our Church Grows in Charity

By providing a check-in, we share some of the lessons we’ve learned together on the path to wise and loving ministry.

Supplemental Reading: The World Is Not Ours to Save