Advent Series Parent Resources

By: Reality SF

Hello Parents,

The word advent means “to come” and it refers to Jesus’ coming to earth. The season of Advent is all about looking forward to celebrating the day when our almighty God stepped into history as a human being. In days past, Christians would prepare their hearts to celebrate the arrival of God’s Son. This is a good time to look inside ourselves, ask God to search our hearts, and cleanse us of sin as we anticipate the arrival of Jesus’ second coming.

Through Advent we pray that our children experience the nearness of Jesus in their own lives, this is not a “far away” tale we tell every year about a distant place and a distant man- no. This is an opportunity for us and our children to sink into Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love that is given to us freely from our loving and perfect Heavenly Father.

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Here’s the weekly overview of topic, accompanying Scripture and story that will be used primarily by 2’s-the K/1st class.  Older kids will have modified versions of these stories.

Week 1 – Hope

  • Bible: Isaiah 9:1-7 (Isaiah prophesies about Jesus’ coming)
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: Operation No More Tears

Week 2 – Peace

  • Bible: Nehemiah 8-9 (Ezra reads the law, Israelites prepare their hearts)
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: Get Ready

Week 3 – Joy

  • Bible: Luke 1-2 (The nativity of Jesus )
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: He’s Here

Week 4 – Love

  • Bible: Matthew 2: 1-12 (Wise men visit Jesus)
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: The King of All Kings

Some other books you can utilize to supplement these teachings at home:

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