Deliverance: Kingdom of Priests (06.24.18)

By: Reality SF

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Leader’s Note: In this CG material coinciding with the Deliverance sermon series, you’ll find a familiar structure of prayer, reflection, group discussion, and practical application.

Covenant & Bondage
(We pray to worshipfully cultivate intimacy with God — reflecting on the Covenant of connection between God and His people and the Bondage keeping us from that connection.)

Covenant: Take a few minutes as a group to voice appreciation to God. How are you thankful for God’s presence and work in your lives? Express it as a group.

Read Exodus 19:1-6 and Exodus 20:1-6.

Bondage: Silently pray and journal 5-10 minutes in a notebook or on your phone:

  • The Lord calls Israel to obey His commands. What has been your experience with obedience to God, parents, authorities, or your own commitments? What is the story of how you got to where you are today in regards to obedience?
  • What most keeps you in bondage from living fully obedient to God? How did these areas of bondage take over your life?
  • Imagine if you were to live your life in full obedience to God; what would that look like? How is that similar or different from your life now? What help do you need from God and others?

Provide space for a few in the group to share what they noticed in the time of prayer and journaling.

Deliverance & Remembrance
(We discuss how the message of Scripture describes God’s Deliverance, and we sit in Remembrance of what He has already done in the past and still does today.)

  • God has a purpose for Israel to be a “kingdom of priests.” What does this mean, and what does it reveal about who God is that He would deliver them for this purpose?
  • God is calling a community of people, not just individuals. What are the implications for Christian community to be a kingdom of priests? If your CG were like a kingdom of priests, what would that look like for you as a group?

Promised Land
(We consider the hopeful Promised Land that God is leading us toward.)

Split into pairs, discuss the following questions, and pray for one another:

  • What new life did you practically step into last week?
  • In light of this discussion, what hope and new life is God inviting you into? How is this in contrast to the bondage He is delivering you from?
  • What is one practical step you can take this week to walk into the new life God is giving you? By God’s grace and with faith, be bold and courageous. (There will be an opportunity to share about this next week.)