Deliverance: Personal Reflection (04.15.18)

By: Reality SF

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Note: To allow CG leaders to rest and be present for Leaders Night, there are no formal Community Group gatherings this week.  Therefore, this material is intended to be a personal reflection.

Covenant & Bondage
(Pray with the below Psalm to worshipfully cultivate intimacy with God — reflecting on the Covenant of connection between God and His people and the Bondage keeping you from that connection.)

Read and pray with Psalm 107:1-9. Take note of any phrases that stand out to you.

Covenant: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” — Take a few minutes to pray in agreement with Psalm 107:1 in your own words. Give thanks to God for the ways you’ve seen His goodness and enduring love in your life.

Bondage: Set a timer for 5 minutes to silently reflect on these questions and then journal your responses.

  • How can you personally relate to Psalm 107:6? “They cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.” What are the areas of trouble and distress in your life where you want God’s help?
  • Ask God to make clear to you any areas of bondage in your life — places where He wants to set you free and deliver you. What are one or two of these areas of bondage for you?

Deliverance & Remembrance
(Reflect on how the message of the Scriptures describe God’s Deliverance, and then sit in Remembrance of what He has already done in the past and still does today.)

The Exodus story serves as a pattern for understanding the way God interacts with His people throughout all times. God’s people don’t just read a historical account but truly find themselves in the story of Exodus. Indeed, this is the way the Israelites read the deliverance narrative. It’s the story that undergirds Jewish holidays like Passover and provides context for understanding who God is and how He interacts with His people. This connection between the Jewish people and Exodus is similar to (yet different from) the connection between Christians and Exodus.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-3 and reflect on these questions:

  • How does Paul invite the Corinthian church to find themselves in the Exodus story?
  • How do these verses describe God bringing deliverance to His people? What bondage is He delivering them from?
  • As you consider God’s deliverance of the Israelites, what moments of His deliverance in your own life come to mind? What would you like to say to the Lord about these moments of deliverance?
  • God’s work of deliverance is never over. How do you hope to see more of His redeeming work in your life? Bring these hopes to your Father in prayer.

Promised Land
(Consider the hopeful Promised Land that God is leading you toward.)

  • In light of this reflection, what hope and new life is God inviting you into? What bondage is He delivering you from?
  • What is one practical step you can take this week to walk into the new life God is giving you? By God’s grace and with faith, be bold and courageous! (There will be an opportunity to share this with others next week in community.”