Discovering The Truth Of Jesus

By: Eugene Kim

Eugene is an East Coast native who jumped around various parts of the country before finding his home in San Francisco in 2013. Prior to his arrival in the city, he spent three years with the organization Invisible Children and is now the Warehouse Manager for FiveStars. In his free time, Eugene enjoys fiddling around with photography, playing music, and making sure to join a weekly game of pick-up basketball.

What does the gospel of John represent to you?

John is a huge reason why I’m a Christian, and I wouldn’t be where I am today in my faith if I’d never studied it. I’ve been turned off by the many false conceptions of Jesus in our society — clean-cut, mindlessly nice, always-smiley, thumbs up Jesus — that make me want to seek the truth of who Jesus actually is.

The book of John has an abundance of these truths. He writes about Jesus saving the life of an adulterer, calling out the intentions of the proud, weeping with the heartbroken, laying down His life in selflessness, and more. John reveals Jesus’s heart and how deeply He wants to give us life. This is a Jesus that I want to embrace, to believe in, to give my life to.

How is The Lord speaking to you through John?

Through our study in John, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to walk the line between being both loving and strong, like Jesus. It’s a balancing act that a lot of Christian men wrestle with, but Jesus personifies it so perfectly. You can see it when He rebukes the Pharisees for being self-righteous, then cries with Mary and Martha moments later. God’s teaching me more and more about standing up to injustice in boldness, while being tender about emotional pain through it all. God’s reminding me of who I serve and what He really stands for, then applying that to how I live.

What does “Jesus Is Reality” mean to you?

Jesus is reality means that His love for me is more than just a concept; it is real, tangible, and true. I have a bad habit of understanding intellectually that Jesus cares about me, but not actually letting that soak in deeply to my heart. That’s a big reason why this sermon series in John has been so important for me. I’m learning how to sit in the love of Christ more, letting it sink into my heart and not just my head. It’s one thing to know Jesus cares about you, and it’s another to let Him deeply care for you.

How has seeing Jesus as the ultimate reality changed the way you live in and interact with your city?

It has made me a lot more comfortable about being known as a follower of Christ. When I first came to San Francisco, I felt like I was walking on thin ice because I recognized that the city had some negative history with Christianity, and I didn’t know how that might influence my personal interactions with people. I’m still sensitive to that, but as I understand how profound the reality of Jesus is, it melts away my timidity or hesitance about being known as His follower.

In a world where unfortunately, sometimes self-proclaimed Christians make the news in a variety of weird to just plain wrong ways, I hope to make my identity as a follower of Christ as true to the essence of who Jesus is as possible. I try to focus on dedicating myself to His example of selfless and sacrificial love, and I hope that others will see Jesus through me.


This piece is a part of our Journey Through John blog series, that invites our community to share their personal reflections through our study in the book of John. For more posts, visit our table of contents.