Everyday Mystic: Intro (Week of 08.19.18)

By: Reality SF

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Leader’s Note: In this series, we will explore what it looks like to live in intimacy and unity with God in practical, everyday ways. This material will guide your group in how to practically encourage one another in daily Spiritual practices that open our hearts to God.

Mysticism is…

  • The art of union with God.
  • The pursuit of or enjoyment of union with God

A Slow, Prayerful Reading:
Read all of these Scriptures together as a group. Read them slowly and mindfully, seeking the Holy Spirit’s illumination of their meaning. (
Link to texts here)

  • John 15:15
  • John 16:12-15
  • Colossians 1:26-27
  • Ephesians 2:22-3:4
  • Ephesians 3:16-19
  • John 17:20-23
  • Matthew 18:1-5


  • What do these Scriptures have to say about God’s mysterious union with His people?
  • What are your biggest questions when hearing these Scriptures?
  • What is the tone or feel of these passages?

Group Reflection:
Take 10 minutes to prayerfully journal with one or more of these questions:

  • What’s the current state of your devotional life with God? In what ways are you experiencing union?
  • What does seeking and enjoying unity with God practically look like for you? Be specific. What practices? Scripture reading, meditation, journaling, fasting, contemplation, examen, retreats, Sabbath, etc.? (Note: More does not necessarily mean better.)
  • What do you long for in your relationship with God? What does faithful engagement look like for you?
  • From kids we learn to live in wonder & curiosity, the present moment, and dependence & natural trust. How do these ways of life show up in your connection with God?

A Vision for Group Engagement:
Reflect together as a group and discuss:

  • Imagine your group meaningfully helping one another live in everyday union with God. What would that look like? What would happen practically?
  • How would you like to encourage one another in cultivating union with God?
  • What sort of help do you personally need?