Everyday Mystic Parent Resources

By: Reality SF

Hello Parents,

Take a look at what your children are learning each Sunday in The Village! Our children are learning alongside the Everyday Mystic series, but a week behind. You will notice the dates do not align, and this is intentional in order to allow parents to experience some of these practices for a full week before introducing them to children.

If you have any questions about this material, please email kids@realitysf.com.

September 9th on Prayer:

Prayer is conversing with God, both speaking and listening.  Just as we communicate with family and friends, we can connect with our loving Father about anything and everything!  He wants to hear it all. Modeling emotional health and openness to our kids is important; help receive them with care and remind them often that God welcomes their joy and sadness, fun and pain all with the same love.

Simple ways to do this: find different ways to spend time with God this week and engage with Him.  Maybe take a walk, enjoy milk and cookies, visit the zoo, play in the sand, climb a tree, ride a scooter or bike, snuggle in bed, sit in the sun, listen to music, play a board game.  Ask your kids if there is some particular way or place they want to spend time with God, then do it and see how He shows up. A few simple prompts:

  • Why did you choose this place or activity to be with God?
  • Tell God what you are thinking or feeling now
  • What do you think God wants to say to you?


Some of our kids may not be able to verbally communicate answers to these prompts, so try to be aware of what their experience is and help them create language for it, like saying “I love how warm the sun is today, thank you God for the sunshine!”  or “I think God likes to have fun too, I bet he’d ride a scooter with you.”

Some good books:

What Happens When I Talk to God?: The Power of Prayer for Boys and Girls

I Talk to God About How I Feel: Learning to Pray, Knowing He Cares

Good, Good Father


September 16th on Guidance:

John 8:47 says “Whoever belongs to God hears what God says.”

John 10:27 saysMy sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

Isaiah 30:21 says “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, our ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’”

Psalms 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

Believers can receive guidance from God.  He wants to help us and those around us! Here is one way to help kids understand this principle:  “When God speaks, His words are like a giant flashlight that shines onto our dark path and makes it easier for us to see where we are going and find a safe path.”  If you want, take your kids on a short night walk and help them understand what this is like in reality.

For older kids, try reading Judges 6 & 7 (or parts of it) and having your kids notice the ways that God guided Gideon.

Some simple activities to have your kids do:

  • Ask God, “How can I be a blessing to my family (or friends) today?”
  • Have them say to God, “Tell me more about who you are.”
  • Another one, “God is there something you want me to start doing?”


For all of these, it may be helpful to keep the conversation going, like asking a kid’s favorite question, “Why?” or “How come?” or “Can you tell me more?”  This encourages kids to keep engaging with God and also helps them remember that he is accessible and patient.

Some resources:

Eyes that See & Ears that Hear

Sammy Experiences God

Growing Up With God

September 23rd on Practicing the Presence of God

Simply being aware of God’s love and goodness is a lifelong practice to keep engaging in regularly.  Take time to help your children notice how God communicates who He is to us–through the created world, our bodies, family, friends, a sense of peace, creativity, color, music, laughter!  One fun thing to try with children is engage their senses as a way to experience God in their regular daily comings and goings. Examples of ways to incorporate some awareness:

  • Start your day by just asking God to help you be more aware of Him!  If possible, close the day with some follow up–where did you experience God?
  • If you are cooking, enjoy the smells and sounds
  • Soak in the creativity and beauty of a good piece of music
  • Have a dance party or go exercise and celebrate the wonder of the human body
  • Take a hike for the fresh air and diversity of our created world–take time to notice the details of all that God has made!
  • Play rounds of “I Spy” randomly and really notice the things around you
  • Take time over dinner to reflect on highs and lows of each person’s day


Good resources:

Maybe God is Like That, Too

Faithful Families

Remember the these practices are intended to draw children closer to God.  If they are not working to that end, don’t force it, but maybe take a break, reflect on what could be changed for it to be more inviting and safe for your child and consider trying again another time.  Most of all, let these be life-giving for your family.  May God bless your desire to be near to Him!