First Things: Ministry (Week 4)

By: Reality SF

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(Leader’s Note: This material will work in conjunction with our First Things sermon series. Each week, we will explore Sunday’s main teaching Scripture.)

Prayer and Reading
Open your time in prayer and read aloud Romans 12:3-13.

Knowing the Scripture
(Goal: To help the group get clear on the meaning of the passage. What is the message or point?)

  1. As seen in verse 3 and 6, grace is a foundational component of Paul’s understanding of service in community. What’s the role of grace in these verses?
  2. How does Paul see the different members of the body as related to one another?
  3. How is love described in Romans 12:9-13?
  4. How would you distill the message of this passage into a simple statement for you to hold onto?

Reflecting on the Passage
(Goal: To help group members meaningfully reflect on how this passage is important for their personal lives. How does this message interact with our personal lives?)

  1. Take 5 minutes in silent reflection and prayer to consider others in your group. Ask God to make clear to you the ways which He has gifted each person in the group.
  2. Taking turns, encourage each person in the gifts which you believe God has given them. In what ways do you appreciate how this person uses their gifts?
  3. How is your group collectively gifted to serve the broader church and the world?

Applying the Passage
(Goal: To help people proactively respond to God’s call for them according to what they personally learned from the passage of Scripture. What practical aspects of this passage and discussion is God inviting me to implement into my life?)

  1. What are ways you will faithfully use your God-given gifts and strengths in service to others?
  2. What will it look like for your group to regularly encourage one another in your gifts?

Closing Prayer