First Things: Spirit (Week 5)

By: Reality SF

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(Leader’s Note: This material will work in conjunction with our First Things sermon series. Each week, we will explore Sunday’s main teaching Scripture.)

Prayer and Reading
Open your time in prayer and read aloud Acts 1:1-8.

Knowing the Scripture
(Goal: To help the group get clear on the meaning of the passage. What is the message or point?)

  1. These verses name the three persons of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How are the three connected in this Scripture?
  2. What do we learn about the role of the Holy Spirit in this passage?
  3. How would you distill the message of this passage into a simple statement for you to hold onto?

Reflecting on the Passage
(Goal: To help group members meaningfully reflect on how this passage is important for their personal lives. How does this message interact with our personal lives?)

  1. Take 5 minutes in silent, prayerful reflection based on the message of this Scripture. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you remember how He has shown up in you or others as a gift (verse 4) and/or as a source of power (verse 8).
  2. As a group, share about your time in silent, prayerful reflection. What did the Holy Spirit remind you about?
  3. What are ways you are longing for the Spirit to show up in power in your life?

Applying the Passage
(Goal: To help people proactively respond to God’s call for them according to what they personally learned from the passage of Scripture. What practical aspects of this passage and discussion is God inviting me to implement into my life?)

  1. What are ways your group can intentionally interact with the presence of the Spirit during your group times?
  2. From what you learned through the silent reflection and the time of sharing, what are new ways you will meaningfully interact with the Spirit in your personal life?

Closing Prayer