First Things: Worship (Week 3)

By: Reality SF

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(Leader’s Note: This material will work in conjunction with our First Things sermon series. Each week, we will explore Sunday’s main teaching Scripture.)

Prayer and Reading
Open your time in prayer and read aloud Revelation 4 and 5.

Knowing the Scripture
(Goal: To help the group get clear on the meaning of the passage. What is the message or point?)

  1. Try to set aside for a moment your previous learning about the Book of Revelation. Seek to view Revelation 4 and 5 with fresh eyes, and describe in your own words: How is God’s throne room portrayed? Who is there?
  2. How would you characterize the emotional tone of this passage of Scripture? Why might this be significant?
  3. What does this passage have to say about the character of God and worship?
  4. If you were to distill the message of this passage into a short phrase or sentence, what would it be?

Reflecting on the Passage
(Goal: To help group members meaningfully reflect on how this passage is important for their personal lives. How does this message interact with our personal lives?)

  1. Take 5 minutes in quiet, prayerful reflection based on the message of this Scripture. What might God want to communicate to you through it?
  2. Consider the five different songs/spoken words that are recorded for us in Revelation 4 and 5. What reasons for worship do you personally identify with? Why?

Applying the Passage
(Goal: To help people proactively respond to God’s call for them according to what they personally learned from the passage of Scripture. What practical aspects of this passage and discussion is God inviting me to implement into my life?)

  1. In light of this discussion, how is God inviting you to approach Him in worship in your everyday life?

Closing Prayer
Close your time in worshipful prayer as a group. Express the attributes of God that you are thankful for and praise Him for the ways He has provided for you and your community. (Be freeform in structure and make room for all who want to pray.)