Meet Our Elder Candidates

By: Reality SF

On Sunday, May 20th, we plan to install elder candidates Joe Tuson and Wilson Leung as elders at Reality San Francisco. (If you have any feedback, encouragements, or concerns regarding Joe and Wilson, please email

We interviewed both Joe and Wilson to help you get to know them, their stories, and what they’re passionate about:


Tell us a little about how you became a follower of Jesus.

Wilson: I grew up in the church, and I was the good church boy. But in eighth grade when I got baptized, I began taking God seriously. I realized that just being a good boy at church wasn’t good enough for God, and that I needed Jesus to save me from my sins so I could be right with God.

Joe: I had the privilege of growing up with Christian parents, and I committed my life to Jesus at a young age. I’ve been part of excellent churches and have faithful friends who have shaped me over the years.


Tell us about your family.

Wilson: My parents immigrated separately from Hong Kong to San Francisco in the late 60s. They got married here and started a family. I was born here along with my younger sister, and we grew up in the Richmond district. (San Francisco has really changed since then!) My wife Gloria immigrated here from Hong Kong when she was 17. We’ve been married for 17 years, and we have two sons: Michael, who is a freshman in high school, and Gabriel, who is a 7th grader.

Joe: I grew up in South Africa and moved to England as a teenager with my parents and three sisters. My beautiful wife Becky and I have been married for 12 years and we have had 3 sons and a daughter. Our second son, Joel, died at 4 months old. It was a hard time, and the church and our friends supported us so well.


Why is San Francisco home for you?

Wilson: There’s definitely a city identity for me, having been born and raised here. Even when we briefly moved to the East Bay for my work, my wife and I were asking each other, “When is God going to move us back?” Not if, but when. Plus, I’m a huge sports fan — I grew up in 80s during the 49ers glory years!

Joe: We love the city and the people. The community has made us feel more rooted than we ever have. Community Groups have been instrumental in helping us settle in.


What was your journey to joining the Reality SF community?

Wilson: Until 2011, I was still very involved in the church I grew up in here in the city. And after 7 years in leadership there, my wife and I got the sense that God was concluding our time there. So we started to search for a new church and were excited to see what God was doing in other churches. We visited Reality when it was meeting at the Swedish Hall, and we just really got the sense that God was at work there in the worship, and the teaching really spoke to us. We came back the next week, and after that, we just stuck!

Joe: We’d heard about Reality through a friend and walked into Everett on our second day in San Francisco. We felt the presence of God in worship and knew that we were going to stay.


What would you like the church to know about each other?

Wilson: First of all, Joe makes really fantastic eggs. Also… he is very sensitive to the Spirit, and he’s very relational. He always brings a really unique perspective, and I appreciate that about him.

Joe: Wilson is a faithful, humble and wise man who loves people and loves the church. To anyone who has met him, however, this will not be new information.


Where is your favorite place in the city?

Wilson: Anywhere my boys are playing baseball. Any baseball diamond.

Joe: Ocean Beach. Lyon Street steps. The view from Twin Peaks of the city. Lands End. Fillmore Street. Our back garden.


What is the best meal you’ve had in the city?

Wilson: Beep’s Burgers by City College.

Joe: We went to Kokkari for our 10-year anniversary and it was hands down the best meal I’ve ever eaten… although I made a breakfast sandwich last weekend with 6 pieces of bacon, and I struggle to recall enjoying a meal more.


What are your passions?

Wilson: Teaching, discipleship, and just going through life together, and seeing how God grows each one of us.

Joe: I love good coffee, my job, and reading. I have strong views about a lot of things,  including low-sugar eating, personal finances, the church, parenting, music — the list goes on. I would have to say that I am most passionate about prayer.


What are your hopes for our church community in this coming season?

Wilson: I would love for our church to really be authentic with God in all they do. With our theme this year being cultivating intimacy with God, my hope is that this would reset a foundation for people, and everything would really spring from there. I hope that our intimacy with Christ would influence who we are, and that would be a blessing to those we meet in the city.

Joe: That we would be a church that prays and prioritizes intimacy with Jesus above everything.