One Another: Humility (Week of 02.11.19)

By: Reality SF

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On Sunday, we shared about Serving on Sundays, showed a video of what our volunteers do, and laid out our current volunteer needs. If you’d like to step up to join a team, see team needs and complete a volunteer application at

Examen (10-20 minutes)
Spend three minutes in silence before the Lord to open your time together. During this time, read
Colossians 3:12 three times slowly. Continuing with a posture of reflection and examen, ask your group to reflect on the following questions. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind:

  • Any memory of the past week
  • A moment when you felt most grateful over the past week
  • A moment when you felt near to God over the past week
  • A moment when you felt far from God over the past week
  • A moment when you felt prideful or superior to another person this past week
  • What God might be inviting you into this week

Spend just a few minutes having each member of the group briefly share one thing that came to mind during this time of reflection. (If you have a larger group, it might be helpful to give a time limit.)

Humble Relating (30 minutes)
Philippians 2:3-4 and discuss:

  • This passage contrasts selfish ambition and vain conceit with humility. How have you personally experienced your own selfish ambition and vain conceit as barriers to humility?
  • How do you see humility in the life of Jesus?
  • “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” Who are people you know who are good examples of valuing others above themselves and looking to the interests of others?

Personal Reflection & Application (30-40 minutes)
Take five minutes in silence to consider the below prompts and pray silently:

  • Humility requires regular, ongoing confession of pride, entitlement, vanity, selfish ambition, and conceit. Confess to God the ways you see these at play in your own heart with one person you know — a friend, family member, coworker, roommate, fellow church member, etc.
  • What is Christ’s heart for this other person? Ask Jesus to share with you His desire to build them up.
  • In what ways might God pour out His blessings on this person? Ask him to do those things.
  • How could you humbly value and prioritize this person’s well-being? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this to you.

Then, take 25-35 minutes to share with the group what this reflection time was like for you. As people share, pray over their relationships — that God’s humility would be experienced. Also, look to offer humble, practical support to one another if you see an opportunity to build one another up.

Prayer (20 minutes)
Close by praying together for humility within our church community so that we may build up those in our the city, our workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods.