One Another: Peace & Unity (Week of 02.04.19)

By: Reality SF

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This week, we’ll start our 10-week Partner Reading of The Relational Soul! To learn all about why we’re reading this book as a church in pairs and what it will look like week to week, click here.

Examen (10-15 minutes)
Spend two minutes in silence before the Lord to open your time together. During this time, read
Romans 12:18 three times, slowly. Continuing with a posture of reflection and examen, invite your group to reflect on the following questions. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind:

  • A moment when you felt most grateful over the past week
  • A moment when you felt near to God over the past week
  • A moment when you felt far from God over the past week
  • A moment when you felt conflict with another person this past week
  • What God might be inviting you into this week

Give each member one minute to briefly share something that came to mind during this time of reflection.

God’s Kingdom of Peace (30 minutes)
Read Ephesians 2:13-17 and discuss:

  • What does it mean that Christ Himself is our peace?
  • Can you think of a specific moment when you were in the wrong about something, and you experienced God’s unmerited forgiveness and grace?  What was that like?
  • What are common sources of relational discord or conflict with your friends, neighbors, and family? How can we follow Christ’s lead in practicing peace in these situations?
  • As you follow Jesus, what does it practically look like to be a peacemaker:
    • at work
    • at home
    • with family
    • with friends and neighbors
  • What does it look like to yield or relent for the sake of another person?

Personal Reflection & Application (30 minutes)
Take 5 minutes to reflect in silence about  a recent conflict you may have had, perhaps one that came up during the examen earlier, or one you find yourself thinking about often. Pray and consider:

  • In what ways are you tempted to judge the identity of the person you’re in conflict with? What are two judgments you hold? For example, “she is controlling” or “he is irresponsible.”
  • What is Christ’s heart for this other person? Ask Jesus to share His love for them with you.
  • How could God pour out His blessings on this person? Ask Him to do those things.
  • How could you be an agent of God’s peace in this person’s life? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you.

Share with the group what this reflection time was like for you. As people share, pray over their areas of conflict — that God’s peace would be experienced.

Prayer (10 minutes)
Close by praying together for:

  • Unity in the church among our brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Peace in our of city, our workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods