Pray for Baby Jordan

By: Reality SF

On Sunday, we shared the story of a wonderful family in our church community. They are Leonard and Kijong Lee, and they have a beautiful baby son, Jordan, who is 10½ months old. In the past 10½ months, Jordan has already lived a lifetime’s worth of trials and difficulty.

In May, Jordan was diagnosed with a grade-3 brain tumor, which is the highest, most aggressive form. Since then, he has been in and out of the hospital for tests, surgery, and two rounds of chemotherapy. Just last week, Jordan’s parents found out that his chemo is not working, and that the tumor has grown 10-20 percent. On Sunday, Jordan’s dad, Leonard, shared about this season for his family and where Jordan is currently in the treatment process. You can watch video of that here.

Our church prayed for Jordan, and his parents dedicated him to the Lord. This Thursday, Jordan will undergo surgery at 7:30AM.  So leading up to and during that time, you can pray in the following ways for Jordan and his parents:

– Quick recovery from Thursday’s surgery
– Patience, rest, and focus for the neurosurgeon Dr. Gupta

Future Treatment:
– Jordan is too young to qualify for trials, so Leonard and Kijong will pursue alternative treatments after surgery.
– There is not much research on alternative treatments, given how rare Jordan’s condition is.

– Complete healing of his body
– Comfort from God’s Holy Spirit
– That Jordan would know and love Jesus (to the extent he can at his age)

Jordan’s Parents, Leonard and Kijong:
– God’s comfort for them in the quiet moments, when they’re minds are prone to wander to the worst scenarios
– The ability for them to emotionally reconcile Jordan’s happy, bouncy disposition with his seriously fragile state
– Increased faith in the midst of it all
– The ability to overcome fear and anxiety
–  Physical and emotional health
– Honesty and vulnerability with God in prayer
– The humility to ask friends and family for help

Thank you for praying for baby Jordan and his parents!