Regular Time: Practical

By: Reality SF

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Regular Time – Practical
Goal: To practice our value of humility and hospitality by sharing and meeting one another’s needs.

Scripture from Sunday:
You can find the current week’s central Scripture with a link to the sermon here.

Welcome & Prayer:
Greet one another. Read this week’s Scripture aloud and then meditate on it silently for 3 minutes. Ask the Holy Spirit to highlight particular phrases or words for you to focus on.

Connection and Unity Exercise (using Mutual Invitation):
How are you? Did this Scripture reveal anything about the state of your soul that you would like to share with the group?

Silent Reflection: Take 5 minutes to reflect silently on the following prompts:

  1. What is one practical need you have that others could help with or a need someone else has that others could help with?
  2. What is one way that someone in the group could tangibly help with this need?

Note: We mean real, tangible needs. This is not about prayer requests. No need or topic should be off limits. Be bravely transparent about money, relationships, and anything that might feel too embarrassing to expose. For example:

  1. What is a physical or circumstantial limitation you are experiencing that you cannot adequately overcome on your own?
  2. Are you or someone close to you in financial need?
  3. Are you experiencing any strong emotions that make you feel the need for comfort, company, or care?


Share: Use mutual invitation to have every single person express a need and ask for help. Share in humility and listen with hospitality. 

Respond: After each person shares, pause silently for 30 seconds to reflect on what was shared and then respond appropriately before moving on. During the silence, consider:

  1. Do you understand the request?
  2. Does it seem like a fair request?
  3. Are you able to meet the need as requested, or are there other ways you would like to offer your support?


Do not move on to the next person until the group has adequately responded to the need shared. For anyone who is unable to articulate a need, take 30 seconds to hold this brother or sister before the Lord and then allow the group to suggest a possible perceived need and offer for help.

If the response is no, allow space for another person to try again. If it’s yes, then continue by asking this person how the group can help with this specific need. If the person is able to articulate an action that would be helpful, sit with this and then respond accordingly. If he or she is unable to ask for help, repeat the above process by offering potential suggestions for what might be helpful commitments and allowing them to accept or reject the suggestions.

Small Group Connection:
What have your recent practices of silence or your experience of this time together revealed to you about how you relate to God, others, and your day-to-day life?

End your time with a Unity Prayer.