Regular Time: Prayerful

By: Reality SF

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Regular Time – Prayerful
Goal: To practice our value of faith as we bring things before God, trusting that He hears and answers our prayers.

Scripture from Sunday:
You can find the current week’s central Scripture with a link to the sermon here.

Open your time welcoming one another.

Connection and Unity Exercise (using Mutual Invitation):
Share with the group observations and experiences you have had while practicing silence during the past week. How has it been life-giving for you, and when has it been hard?

Choose a silence practice from the “Practices of Silence” document or do the practice of silence that your group has agreed to practice together during this season.

Read this Sunday’s Scripture aloud.

  1. Was there anything from this Sunday’s Scriptures and sermon that you found to be particularly profound, hopeful, or inviting?
  2. Was there anything from this Sunday’s Scriptures and sermon you found to be off-putting, disagreeable, or anxiety-inducing?
  3. Have everyone answer this final question using Mutual Invitation: Were there any invitations from Jesus to you during Sunday’s gathering that you’d like prayer for? (Do you mean generally, or for the group to pray for together, right now?)


End your time in corporate prayer as a group. Pray for anything that people requested and express anything you have heard spoken or expressed during your group discussion (similar to how we pray with the Unity Prayer).