Regular Time: Relational

By: Reality SF

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Regular Time: Relational
Goal: To practice our value of rootedness by committing to open up vulnerably to one another and build communities of intimacy and longevity.

Scripture from Sunday:
You can find the current week’s central Scripture with a link to the sermon here.

Welcome & Prayer:
Greet one another and open your time in prayer.

Practice: Silence & Discernment:
Take 5 minutes to practice silence together. With a relational focus, we’ll pair up, sit in silence, and do discernment prayer on one another’s behalf. Perhaps a Scripture, word or phrase, questions, or an image come to mind as you pray silently for your partner. Take note of these.

After 5 minutes of discerning for your partner, share your prayer. Note: Do not use phrases like “God told me to tell you…” or “I got a word from the Lord for you that…” Instead, use more tentative, non-presumptuous language that invites your partner into further discernment with Jesus about what you prayed; for example, “While praying I got the impression that…” or “Maybe it’s from the Lord or maybe just my own imagination, but maybe…” This honors your partner while also honoring the message you discerned.

Connection and Unity Exercise:
Take five minutes to voice appreciation for one another and affirm the good you see in one another. Appreciation keeps us relationally open to one another.

Practices: Check-in:
Using mutual invitation, invite everyone to share about their current experience of the group’s agreed-upon practice of silence. How is the practice of silence opening our hearts to God?

Read this Sunday’s Scripture aloud.

  1. Was there anything from this Sunday’s Scriptures and sermon that you found to be particularly profound, challenging, or inviting for how you relate to others?
  2. Was there anything from this Sunday’s Scriptures and sermon you found to be off-putting, disagreeable, or anxiety-inducing?
  3. Were there any invitations from Jesus to you during Sunday’s gathering (or after when reflecting on the Scriptures) that concerned how you relate to this group or others in your life?


End your time with a Unity Prayer.