Regular Time: Scriptural


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To help us practice our value of humility as we engage in discussion and ground our community in the truths of Scripture.

Scripture from Sunday:
You can find the current week’s central Scripture with a link to the sermon at the top of the Sermons page.

Welcome & Prayer:
Greet one another and open your time in prayer.

Praying through a Psalm:
First, pick a Psalm for this exercise. Some Psalms that work well are: Psalm 19, Psalm 40, Psalm 51, Psalm 55, Psalm 71, and Psalm 104. For the next 5 minutes, sit together in silence. As you sit, breathe in deeply and exhale deeply. Slowly read the Psalm to yourself as you breathe, connecting each line you read with your inhale or exhale. Let’s take Psalm 1:4 for example:

The wicked are not so; (while you inhale)
But are like chaff that the wind drives away. (while you exhale)

The hope is that through this practice of silence, we would imbibe the Psalm into ourselves, and the Psalm would flow through us and give us life as we interact with God through it.

Read this past Sunday’s scripture aloud.

  1. Examining this Sunday’s Scripture, what seems to be the main message or point? (Take into consideration context, tone, and genre.)
  2. Was there anything from this Sunday’s Scriptures and sermon that you found to be particularly profound, hopeful, or inviting?
  3. What did you find difficult or challenging about this passage or sermon?
  4. Have everyone answer this final question using Mutual Invitation: Are there any invitations from Jesus to you from this passage of Scripture which you can practically apply to your life?

End your time with a Unity Prayer.