Darren Rouanzoin Residency Events Online

By: Reality SF

From November 11-18, we hosted Darren Rouanzoin of Garden Church for a weeklong residency of sermons, lectures, and trainings on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. As a pastor and speaker gifted in the prophetic, Darren brings a fresh, Biblical perspective on how the Church can minister in the power of the Spirit today. You can watch or listen to his sermons, lectures, and trainings below:

Practicing the Ministry of Healing: Darren teaches from 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 on what we should expect when it comes to gifts of healing and how to practically pray for healing as Jesus did. (Sunday sermon on November 11th)

Lecture on Growing in the Power of the Spirit: Darren provides practical steps to grow as a community in anticipating and expecting more power of the Spirit in everyday, ordinary life. (November 13th)

Leaders Prayer Training: Darren trains our leaders in the intercessory prayer model which his church, Garden Church, utilizes for its Sunday ministry time and smaller midweek gatherings. After Darren and Dave Lomas did a Q&A on prayer and prophecy. (November 15th)

Revival: Darren teaches from Acts 19 on the rapid growth of the early church and how the actions of those early Christians can serve as a model and inspiration for revival today. (Sunday sermon on November 18th)