Responding to Hurricane Harvey


It’s been said that when the night is at its darkest, the light of the local church must be at its brightest. So in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, we have a unique opportunity as the people of God here in San Francisco to prayerfully and financially contribute to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Texas — and specifically, to Ecclesia Houston, a local church with whom we have relationship.

In the face of such great need, here are two key ways we can immediately respond:

Please continue to pray for those who are experiencing hardship, loss, and uncertainty as a result of this massive storm. Especially intercede for the most vulnerable there. Prayer is perhaps the most powerful resource the Church has to offer. Please don’t underestimate what private and communal prayer can do in our city, nation, and world; it will have a bigger impact than you think!

One immediate and tangible way to provide assistance is to donate to a local church like Ecclessia Houston (choose “Hurricane Harvey Relief” in the “Giving Type” dropdown). Ecclesia Houston is helping with cleanup, repairing homes, and hosting displaced families and visiting volunteer teams. You can also donate to a larger relief organization like the Red Cross.

When you donate toward disaster relief through a local church, your money is used almost immediately and goes directly to the heart of the need. Donations to larger charitable organizations are also important and necessary, but they can sometimes get caught up in red tape and approvals from national headquarters. So if you wish to give, please prayerfully discern where your donation will have the most immediate impact in serving victims of this disaster. Thank you for your generosity!