Volunteer Stories

By: Reality SF

In this blog, we’ll post stories of men and women who sacrificially serve our community. To learn more about joining a Sunday serving team, click here.

Alex & Alexandra Leahu
Audio-Visual Team

Why do you serve?
We serve because we think that it is important to give back to the church and to participate in the growth of our Christian community in San Francisco. We also love meeting new people in the church that also serve!

Can you describe something God has shown you during your time serving?
We’ve seen many volunteers dedicated to serving this community and it encourages us to see all the ways God uses everyone’s talents for furthering His Kingdom.

What do you see as your team’s goal on Sundays, and how do you accomplish that together?
We are here to provide the necessities of audio and visuals of a church gathering. We support the music, announcements, and sermons behind the scenes and do that by training one another and being committed to preparing hours before a service begins.

What is a Sunday ministry that doesn’t currently exist, but that you’d be thrilled to serve in?
We would love to serve tacos and burritos, especially since the church meets in Mission District. 🙂

What are your three favorite things to do on a day of rest?
Go for walks/hikes in Pacifica, read in a coffee shop, and catch up on some movies.