CG & Volunteer Team Photos for AVP

When: Now to December 22nd

Where: SF


Dear CG Leaders and Ministry Team Leads,

As we approach Annual Vision & Prayer in January, we have decided on a very familial, community-focused theme. After all, the church is not a building or simply an organization, but a family united in Christ! To help capture that feel visually, we’re collecting group photos of all of our CGs and Sunday Volunteer Teams.

The hope is to share a slideshow of all our groups before and after Annual Vision & Prayer on SF Jazz Center’s big screens. With each photo, we’ll share a caption such as “Mission 3 Community Group” or “Everett Ushers Team A.”

Prior to December 22nd, please take a high resolution group photo with your CG or Volunteer Team and upload it here.

Here are a few guidelines we’d appreciate if you could follow:

  1. Please wait for a time when all of your group is present (or at least most of you). We want everyone to be in the picture!
  2. Photo quality is important. So if someone in your CG or volunteer team has a DSLR or professional camera, please use it. Or if no one has a DSLR or professional camera, please use a newer phone with a higher megapixel camera.
  3. Please take your photo where there is plenty of light so it’s properly exposed.
  4. Please make sure the photo is in focus.
  5. NO SELFIES PLEASE! Please set a timer if necessary, and get everyone in there.