Connecting the Mind and Soul

When: October 6-7 (Registration Required)

Where: Dolores Park Church

What is the biggest hindrance to growth and flourishing in your Christian life?
Why is it so challenging to live into the story of God found in Scripture?
How do you reconcile that story with your own circumstances and the subtle messages that pull you in other directions?

These are the very questions we hope to answer at our upcoming two-day event, “Connecting the Mind and Soul: An Intensive on Personal and Relational Growth with Dr. Curt Thompson.” As a psychiatrist and the author of The Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame, Dr. Thompson has researched the profound connections between neuroscience, spiritual formation, and the truths of Scripture. Through lectures and breakout discussions, we will examine the pervasive nature of shame, its devastating effects in our lives, and the freedom found in vulnerable, grace-filled, Christian community. If you desire to fearlessly live into who God has made you to be, this intensive may be your first step.

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- Friday, October 6th, 7PM-10PM
- Saturday, October 7th, 9AM-5PM
- Dolores Park Church
- Cost: $20*

* This price covers venue, production, and speaking costs. However, we don’t want money to be a hindrance for anyone to attend. If you need financial assistance, please email us at