Finance Class

When: Monday nights, 7-9PM | June 3 - July 29th

Where: Reality SF Headquarters

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As a community, we hope to be deeply rooted in San Francisco, shining as a Gospel witness to our city for generations to come. However, we’re very aware that San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the nation! And though many in our church earn higher incomes, it is common for our people to leave the Bay Area due to high housing costs and other financial stressors.

That’s why this summer, we are launching a nine-session Finance Class, with the goal to help people save money, pay down debt, and maybe even cultivate a vision for how they can make SF their long-term home. And, given that we’re in a year pursuing authentic community… we know that conversations around personal finances definitely lead to deeper and more authentic relationships.

Based on the tenets of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, this class is for anyone who wants to receive a holistic view of how to manage the money they receive from work. Whether you want to up your savings rate, pay down debt, or save for a million-dollar home (!) in San Francisco, this class will help you create a God-centered plan to achieve your goals.

Course Details:
– Monday nights, 7-9PM
– June 3 – July 29th
– Reality SF Headquarters (1504 Bryant St, 3rd Floor)
– Cost: $100
– Register for Class
– For parents desiring to participate, we will offer some form of childcare. Once we know how many parents are participating, we will make a decision on how we’ll approach childcare. Please let us know if you have kids on the form.

Help Facilitate the Class
If you have experience in personal finance and would like to help in a facilitation role (similar to a CG leader role), please complete this brief form. We’ll get back to you!