Holy Wednesday Prayer Experience

When: March 28th | Open 7AM-10AM and 5PM-9PM

Where: Reality SF Headquarters


March 28th — On the Wednesday morning and evening of Holy Week, we will open the RSF Fellowship Hall with various stations for guided reflection, prayer, confession, and repentance. Think of it like a prayer open house — come and go as you please. This quiet, contemplative space will help us transition our hearts and minds from the Lent Season’s focus on repentance, confession, grief, and fasting to Holy Week’s focus on Christ’s passion in the cross and empty tomb.

There will be four self-guided stations:

  • At the first station, we will reflect on ways God has intimately connected with us and respond in gratitude.
  • At the second station, we will transition to reflecting on our present sin, brokenness, and desperate need for Jesus.
  • At the third station, we will continue in confession and repentance, either individually or with the optional help of a trained, confidential prayer team member.
  • At the fourth station will be communion, where we will pause in adoration of Jesus, remembering and reliving His story.
  • At the fifth and final station, you may say a prayer for someone in your life whom you desire to experience the closeness, grace, and forgiveness of Christ. After praying for this person, you may light a candle for them.

You may participate in the Holy Wednesday Prayer Experience anytime between 7AM-10AM or 5PM-9PM. Feel free to come alone, with a friend, or with your whole Community Group.


  • March 28th | Open 7AM-10AM and 5PM-9PM
  • Reality SF Headquarters (1504 Bryant Street, 3rd Floor)
  • During the day, there is no parking available in the lot, so we recommend parking on the street or using ride share or public transit. There are several bus stops nearby, and the nearest BART station is 16th & Mission. In the evening, very limited parking will be available in the lot.
  • If you bike, feel free to bring your bike up to the 3rd floor and lock it in our racks.