Intro to Community Group Dinners

When: February 5th and 6th (Sign-Up Required)

Where: Reality SF Headquarters


Sign up for the February 6th or 7th Intro to Community Group Dinner here.

At Reality SF, Community Groups are neighborhood-based communities that seek to know God and one another while practicing the way of Jesus together. If you are seeking to live your life — with all of its joy and sorrow combined — in a shared experience with others who love Christ and desire to know Him more fully, then we encourage you to join a Community Group.

Approximately every three months, our CGs have an entry window for new members. In order to be placed, newcomers must first attend an Intro to Community Group Dinner, where they will hear about the vision and mission of Community Groups at Reality SF. From there, you can sign up for the list to join a CG in your area of the city. Our hope is that this embodied experience gives those seeking community in our church an idea of what they are committing to when they sign up for a CG.

Sign up for one of the dinners on February 6th or 7th here.

If you have any questions about our CG entry process, please email us at