Premarital Class – Fall 2018

When: September 16 - October 21 (Registration Required)

Where: Reality SF Headquarters


September 16 – October 21 — If you and your fiancé are followers of Jesus and are preparing for a life together, we invite you to enroll in our upcoming six-week Premarital Class. Led by Marriage & Family Pastor Kevin Cooke and several mentor couples from our church, this course helps engaged couples explore the spiritual, emotional, and day-to-day elements of Christian marriage. We will discuss some of the more difficult topics in marriage such as intimacy, money, forgiveness, friendship, and roles. To help couples get to know one anther prior to the course beginning, we’ll also host an informal mingle on September 7th. The cost of the course is $100 per couple.

(NOTE: Couples must already be engaged to participate in this class.)


Mingle Details:
– September 7th
– 7PM
RSF Headquarters
- Drinks and refreshments provided

Class Details:
– September 16 – October 21
– 1:30PM-4:30PM
RSF Headquarters
– Coffee, drinks, and snacks provided
– Cost: $100 per couple