Fall Premarital Class 2017

When: September 10 - October 15 (Registration Required)

Where: Reality SF Headquarters


If you and your fiancé are followers of Christ and are preparing for a life together, we invite you to enroll in our upcoming Premarital Class. Led by Marriage and Family Pastor Kevin Cooke and several mentor couples, this class aims to help engaged couples explore the meaning of Christian covenantal marriage. We will discuss some of the more difficult topics in marriage such as intimacy, money, forgiveness, friendship, and roles. The class will be six Sundays starting September 10th, and the cost is $50 per couple.

Register here

– September 10 – October 15
– 1:30PM-4:30PM
RSF Headquarters
– Required materials: The Meaning of Marriage* by Tim and Kathy Keller, pen, and notebook
– Coffee, drinks, and snacks provided
– Cost: $50 per couple

If you have any questions, please email

*This book is available at our Sunday book table and also online.