Serving on Sundays

When: Sundays

Where: Everett & DPC

Each Sunday, it takes about 140 volunteers to meet all of our needs. Our Sunday volunteer teams are organized into two rotations that each serve twice per month, which means that we need about 280 total volunteers to staff our Sunday teams well. And to be honest, we are falling short of that ideal number. In fact, in our nine years as a church, we have never been fully staffed in volunteers. So how amazing would it be — if during The Year of Authentic Community — we were able to rise to the occasion and surpass the present needs of our volunteer teams, so that every person in our church was able to maintain a healthy balance of serving and resting?

To make this happen, we’re looking to fill 92 more Sunday Volunteer spots this month. Here is the breakdown:

61 for our Children’s Ministry, The Village
21 for our General Sunday Teams (AV, Ushers, Setup, Breakdown, Parking, etc.)
10 for Prayer Team

See specific role descriptions for each team.

Or, if you already know which team you’d like to serve with, complete the General Sunday Application or the Children’s Ministry Application.