The Relational Soul Partner Reading

When: February 3 - April 7

Where: San Francisco

In The Year of Authentic Community* as a church, we’re committed to building the inner capacities necessary for deep relationships. To help get us there, we want to invite you to read The Relational Soul by Richard Plass and James Cofield. (Watch Dave Lomas explain why we’ve chosen this book.)

At this point, we prefer that you buy online (Kindle and audiobook also available).

Since the book is all about relating, we strongly encourage reading and discussing the questions at the end of each chapter with a partner** (whether it be a close friend, roommate, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, etc.). Or if you’d like to  meet some new people, sign up to be randomly connected into a group of three!

We’ll start reading and discussing the week of February 3rd, with the hope of finishing the week of April 7th. Read one chapter each week and discuss the questions with your partner:

Reading Schedule:
Week 1 | 02.03.19:
Our Relational Reality
Week 2 | 02.10.19: Learning to Relate Starts Early in Life
Week 3 | 02.17.19: Memory: Our Relational Control Center
Week 4 | 02.24.19: The Reactive False Self: A Mistrusting Soul
Week 5 | 03.03.19: God’s Particular Presence
Week 6 | 03.10.19: The Receptive True Self: A Trusting Soul + Interlude: Before We Move Forward
Week 7 | 03.17.19: Self-Understanding: Connecting Head and Heart
Week 8 | 03.24.19: Community: Fostering Soulful Relationships
Week 9 | 03.31.19: Relational Engagement with God
Week 10 | 04.07.19: Does Anyone Really Change?


* Here is The Year Authentic Community Theme Video, which captures the heart and vision of what this year is all about.


** Why read with only partners instead of with whole CGs?
We have chosen to read this book in pairs instead of as whole CGs for a few reasons. First, the book’s content, exercises, and questions go very deep and encourage a lot of vulnerability, discussion, and processing — and we believe that this is done best in a pair. Second, if we were to try go through all of this in one larger group, it would take far longer than most groups meet each week!