2018 Walk & Bike to Worship

When: May 27th & June 3rd

Where: Everett & DPC


On Sundays, May 27th and June 3rd, we’re partnering with the SF Bicycle Coalition, Walk San Francisco, and many other churches in the city for Walk & Bike to Worship. The invitation is for us to intentionally walk, bike, or take public transit to our gatherings on those Sundays. The goals of Walk & Bike to Worship are to promote physical activity, health, and to help make the area where we gather a safer and more pleasant place to live for our neighbors. Every Sunday, our community brings a lot of traffic to the Mission District and takes a lot of the local residents’ street parking. So part of the hope with our participation in Walk & Bike to Worship is that, in consideration of our neighbors, more of us would start building a new rhythm of walking, biking, or taking public transit to worship rather than driving cars. We encourage you to participate if you are able!

For more info, visit the SF Bicycle Coalition’s site.