Kids & Family Vision

Our priority is to present the Gospel in a way our kids will never forget. We want our kids:

  • To experience the wonder of a loving Creator, who restores a world tainted by sin.
  • To encounter the person of Jesus Christ, who gave His life to rescue them from eternity without God.
  • To witness the passion of fellow believers in our community, who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to embody the Gospel.


Morning Gathering
Classes for kids from 6 months old to 5th grade are available on Sundays during our morning gathering at Everett Middle School. The Family Room is also available for families with young babies, where they’ll find age-appropriate toys, a changing table, and comfortable chairs for nursing. A video feed of the main gathering (worship, sermon, etc.) is also available in the Family Room.

We have provided a parking area just for families that ensures you know there are dedicated spots available to you—one less thing to worry about when getting your family ready for church. Please pick up a family parking sticker to go on the inside windshield of your car to help our parking team identify you and get you to the right spot.

Check-in opens at 10:15AM and closes 15 minutes into the main gathering.

Our Volunteers
Kids learn in the context of relationships when their lives intersect with others. While your kid’s most significant relationship is with you at home, they have a better chance of understanding and interpreting life-changing truths when multiple influences are all communicating the same thing. That’s why our volunteers are trained and equipped to share the love of Christ and the truth about how God cherishes every child. Our volunteers are like shepherds and mentors for our kids, desiring to see each child grow in their love for Christ.

Security and Safety
We ensure every child’s safety and security under our care through various security systems.  We have an easy check-in system that you sign into each time you attend church. In addition, all of our volunteers are cleared through background checks and given safety training. All parents/guardians are given a security sticker when checking their kid(s) in to The Village and must present it upon picking up their child. No child will ever be released without the parent/guardian presenting the security sticker.

Our Classes
Each Sunday in all our classes, we have a time of worship, teaching, sharing, learning, and praying in the presence of the Holy Spirit. The rhythm of the day is uniquely catered toward each age group.

Nursery (6-18 months):

  • If your child has a hard time being separated from you, we always work with what is most comfortable for you
  • We have a paging system, where we can easily contact you, should your child need you
  • Dedicated volunteers care, pray, and speak God’s truths over babies


Walkers (18-24 months):

  • Flexible schedule of activities include: a short Bible story, a time of singing, age-appropriate toys to play with, and snack time*


2 year olds and 3 year olds (separate classes):

  • These two classes are a little more structured, with an age-appropriate lesson, worship time, free-play time, time to run off energy in the gym, a time for response in Jesus’ presence, and snack time*
  • We want our 2-year-old children to know that God made them, God loves them, and God is with them


4 year olds:

  • Structured lesson with worship, teaching, a time for response in Jesus’ presence, gym, and snack*
  • We want our preschoolers to be invited to experience the wonder of who God is



  • The kids experience a structured lesson with worship, teaching, a time for response in Jesus’ presence, gym, and snack*
  • We desire to work with elementary-age children to help reveal God’s incredible plan for their lives and how He invites each child to be a part of it
  • Class 1: Kindergarten-1st Grade
  • Class 2: 2nd-3rd Grade
  • Class 3: 4th-5th Grade


*If your child has dietary restrictions, please bring something that he or she can snack on during our snack time.

Beyond Sundays
While our time with your kids on Sundays is intentional in sharing the Gospel, we believe that much of Jesus’ story is portrayed through life together. We are dedicated to providing you and your family with sacred spaces to live in community within our Reality SF family. We believe this partnership will develop through meaningful relationships, educational and Biblically sound resources, spiritual counseling, Community Groups, and a variety of seasonal family events and activities.

Middle School and High School Ministries
Our Middle School and High School Ministries seek to equip and connect youth that are entering or currently in middle school and high school. You can find more info on these ministries 

Meet Some of Our Volunteers


Grace Kim

Grace is a Texas native with an appetite for life as big as the state itself. Grace began attending Reality in 2012 when she moved to SF and has been volunteering with The Village since 2013. The kids seem to welcome her as their own! Grace now understands and deeply respects her mother’s patience in enduring her endless stream of questions as a child. She feels blessed that God has provided her with a passion for teaching and an opportunity to communicate the joy of knowing Him with people of all ages. Grace is fueled mostly by macarons and frozen yogurt.


Christine Chao & Diego Delgado

Christine and Diego were married in April of 2015 and have lived in SF since 2013. When they moved here from LA, they immediately found Reality SF as their church family. Christine helps out with the two year old children where she serves as the Lesson Lead. Diego helps out with the three to four year old children where he serves as an Activity Lead. Christine and Diego enjoy spending time with the kids in The Village and are blessed to be serving God by serving the families of Reality SF.

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Ian Rountree

Ian grew up in Florida and lived in Tennessee for ten years, but he has always been very close to his (agnostic) aunt and uncle in SF. The city he knew through them was ostensibly devoid of the Christian community that was in his lifeblood in Nashville. When he moved to SF in 2012, his biggest fear was settling for a skeletal church with non-scriptural teachings. He was led to Reality where he saw glimpses of God’s plan for SF. Ian volunteers with The Village to train himself for fatherhood and also to help parents and children see the city he sees.


Kristine Torres

Kristine is a transplant resident from San Diego and Irvine. She currently serves in the children’s ministry, typically with the rambunctious and loving one and two year olds. She part of the Sunset 1 Community Group and is extremely thankful to be in community with both Sunset 1 and Reality SF as a whole, growing together in the Spirit. Outside of Reality SF, she is an admin assistant in surgery at UCSF, avid dancer, music and art enthusiast, food bank volunteer, Lyft driver, Yelp Elite, explorer of new ventures, and ultimately, a follower and child of God.

“These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.”

Colossians 2:17