Serve in Local Ministry

We are here to serve San Francisco by volunteering with some amazing local ministries that do just that. We desire to be exceptional volunteers, prepared with wisdom and postured in humility and hospitality to serve well.

We also believe that effective urban ministry is communal; therefore, we do local ministry in teams that mutually support each other. Each team has a leader who is intimately connected with our church and the ministry, whose job is help you connect to the Ministry Partner you’re interested in serving with. We also have support teams that meet monthly to care for your health as you serve.

Local Ministry Volunteer Snapshot:

  1. A minimum 8-month commitment
  2. Must attend a Local Ministry Training (to be scheduled in early 2018)
  3. Will be involved with one of our Local Ministry Partners that are currently welcoming new volunteers (see below)

Making a Commitment:

Because all of the local ministry that we engage in is focused on building genuine relationships, serving in the Local Ministry pathway typically requires a long-term commitment of at least 8 months. The volunteer opportunities we provide aim to enable rich and authentic relationships with our partner organizations and those they serve which inevitably require time, commitment, and persistence. We believe that the best experience between the volunteer, partner organization, and people they are serving is accomplished through an extended period of consistent involvement and engagement.

Getting Involved:

In line with our aim of serving well, we ask that everyone interested in joining a team attend our Local Ministry Training. This training, which occurs two or three times per year, aims to equip volunteers in basic foundations of effective urban ministry. Though some teams will on-board volunteers before they’ve been trained, most will not, and it is expected that those volunteers attend the next available training. In addition, if you want to join a local ministry team but aren’t yet sure which one, attend the next training, and we will help you discern which ministry best suits you. This training will be in early 2018. To receive updates about the date and time of this training, please fill out this form.

Open Ministries to Serve:



  • Tutoring early afternoons
  • Weekly mentoring 1:1, time flexible



  • Nail Day Mondays 1- 5pm
  • Dance Thursdays 2-6pm
  • Mothers Brunch Thursdays 10a-12



  • Friday night gatherings
  • Outreach to kids at public schools once per week (times flexible)
  • Weekly mentorship (times flexible)



  • Mondays 6-8p Community Trivia night
  • Wednesdays 6-8p Community Dinner night
  • Men’s County jail 1:1 mentorship, time flexible



  • 1:1 tutoring Tuesday nights until 7:00pm and every weekday until 5:30pm.
  • GED classroom
  • Mon: 11am-1pm;
  • Tues-Fri: 10am-12p
  • Mon-Fri: 2p-4p



  • Available opportunities depend on Old Skool Cafe’s program at the time of joining their ministry
“These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.”

Colossians 2:17