Reckless Love and the Return Home

Christian Huang teaches on Psalm 23 as an expression of our lifelong journey with God, which leads to knowing Him eternally.

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Christian Huang is the Founder & Director of Mobilize Love.

Psalm 23:6 | Taught on 25 March 2018 | 34:38

Where Lack Leads

Introducing our Lent series “Life Without Lack,” Dave Lomas speaks from Psalm 23:1 on the folly of being driven by lack versus the contentment of being led by Jesus, the generous Good Shepherd.

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Psalm 23:1 | Taught on 18 February 2018 | 42:11


Dave Lomas speaks from Psalm 23:2 on the common fear and anxiety we experience, and how Jesus the Good Shepherd dispels our fear so we may rest.

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Psalm 23:2 | Taught on 25 February 2018 | 43:29

I Am the Good Shepherd

Ruthie Kim teaches from Psalm 23:3 and John 10:1-15 on Jesus the Good Shepherd, who brings new life to our souls through His consistent, loving presence and guiding voice.

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Ruthie Kim is part of the Reality SF teaching team and the Founder & CEO of Because Justice Matters.

Psalm 23:3; John 10:1-15 | Taught on 04 March 2018 | 48:57

The Only Way Out Is Through

Dave Lomas teaches from Psalm 23:4 on the Christian life’s inevitable journeys into dark places and how and why Jesus our Good Shepherd leads us through them.

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Psalm 23:4 | Taught on 11 March 2018 | 44:08

Jesus the Host

Ryan Jones teaches from Psalm 23:5 on the experience of Jesus hosting us at His table — meaning, the table of Holy Communion.

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Ryan Jones is the Lead Pastor of Eucharist Church SF.

Psalm 23:5 | Taught on 18 March 2018 | 44:02