Serving with Sunday Volunteer Ministry

The vision of our Sunday Volunteer ministry is to create an experience and to prepare a space for people to see, feel, and meet Jesus. Each Sunday we rely on about 150 volunteers across 12 ministry teams to bring this vision to life. Each team has experienced Team Leads who help assign and ensure care for each committed volunteer. The rhythm of serving together creates a life-giving experience for those serving and those being served.

General Commitment:

Our Sunday Volunteer Ministry runs on the faithful commitment of our volunteers. We have developed a rhythm in which each team operates to ensure that rest is incorporated into life as a volunteer. While each ministry has a specific seasonal cycle that aligns with their vision and number of people on the team, the general commitment to serve with a volunteer ministry team is twice a month for six months.

Our on-boarding process is fluid and continuous; we encourage you to sign up when you are ready to commit for a six month period. Following a six month period of commitment, volunteers enter into a period of rest and afterwards they can choose to recommit to Sunday ministry or transition into one of the two other pathways, Village Volunteers or Local Ministry.

Areas to Volunteer:

Our 12 ministries each offer a unique experience.  Please take the time to learn about each of our ministries prior to submitting any information. In order for our teams to be equipped to create a space to be prepared for people to see, feel, and meet Jesus each Sunday, we need to ensure that each of our teams are well equipped continuously. We do our best to place servants on a team that is most fitting to the giftings and skill sets of both the team and the individual. With that said, we will do our best to accommodate each applicant’s request to be placed on a specific team.

A Position to Consider:

Our AV and Media team is the most technical of all teams and manages the backstage flow and creates the audio and visual experience each Sunday. The team is currently small and mighty and is need of more volunteers so that healthy rest can be incorporated in their rhythm.

How to Get Involved:

When you are ready to start your season of serving, please submit your application here. We will then connect you with a Team Lead to begin conversation. You will then enter into your orientation with your Team Lead and will begin serving thereafter.

We look forward to serving alongside you and getting to know you. If you have any questions, please email Jessica, our Director of Volunteer Ministries and she can help assist you.

“These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.”

Colossians 2:17