Discipleship Through Thought & Practice

Discipleship Courses are designed to be short-term, catalytic experiences to encourage and equip our church to be resilient discipleship of Jesus.

Our Vision

We believe disciples are transformed to become more like Jesus through truth, community, practices, and the Holy Spirit. So Discipleship Courses aim to help our church interact with the Bible to discern God’s truth, develop meaningful relationships with one another, learn practical skills in ministry and Christian living, and experience growth and transformation through the Holy Spirit.


Core Courses

Winter courses start on February 9th or 16th and run every other Sunday into March. Each course will be offered during our 9:15 or 11:30 worship gathering. (Spring courses will begin at the end of April and run into June.)

  • Biblical Literacy:
    As a follow-up to our church’s 2016 Year of Biblical Literacy, join us to learn methods for interpreting Scripture in light of its historical/cultural context and original audience.
  • Core Christian Beliefs:
    What doctrines and beliefs are essential to the Christian faith? Whether you’re new to faith or have been following Jesus a while, come learn the overarching story of the Bible and how it forms foundational Christian beliefs.
  • Everyday Mystic – Prayer:
    As a follow-up to our 2018 series “Everyday Mystic,” come spend several weeks focused on prayer — especially developing a life of ongoing, prayerful connection with Jesus.
  • Vocation & Spiritual Gifts:
    God has gifted and called His people into a purposeful, Kingdom-focused mission. Come discover and define what God has entrusted you to steward in your life through studying the Bible, engaging interactive exercises, and connecting with others in supportive group conversations.
Recommended Books

Concentration Courses

  • Finance Class:
    A nine-session class with the goal to help people save money, pay down debt, and maybe even cultivate a vision for how they can make SF their long-term home. (On Monday evenings from January 27 – March 23 at the RSF Headquarters. Cost is $100.)
  • Premarital Class:
    This class seeks to equip couples with Biblical principles, Godly wisdom, and practical tools for cultivating strong marriages. (On five consecutive Sundays from March 1-29 at Everett during one of our worship gatherings. Cost is $50 per individual, $100 per couple.)
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