2019 Men’s Retreat

October 25-27
Mission Springs Conference Center

As church men’s retreats go, we’re aware of the common list of expectations: passively “going to church” multiple times; eating camp food and sleeping in stuffy cabins with people you don’t know; and ample amounts of testosterone often manifested in intense sports, highly competitive games, and other feats of strength.

Rest assured, that will not be the purpose of the 2019 RSF Men’s Retreat!

Our mission will be to help men become enchanted by their identity as beloved sons of God and captivated by their calling from Jesus — so that they may be empowered to steward power generously, release burdens and pains authentically, and steer courageously toward building a legacy that outlives them. We’ll pursue this mission together through exploring what drives us as men, finding our roles in God’s story, identifying our personal core values of integrity, and releasing our burdens and pains through tactile exercises.

Every man will actively participate in this journey of teaching sessions, workshops, exercises, and reflection times. Some parts of the weekend may feel uncomfortable, awkward, or even painful, but we believe God will use the whole of it to transform us forever. (That being said, there will also be free time for fun, relaxing, and enjoying God’s creation!) All men in our church are encouraged to participate in this retreat. There is something wonderful there for all of us if we’re willing to take the plunge.

Al Abdulla, Founder and Lead Pastor of Reality Boston, will lead us through this weekend. He took a group of men from his church through this experience last year, and it launched a community of men who still share their lives and intentionally build one another up in Christ. (You can listen to Al’s most recent teachings at RSF here and watch the video below to hear him share about his vision for the retreat.)

Al Abdulla shares about the vision for the retreat.

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