Laina Humbles, Because Justice Matters

Laina is originally from Ventura, California, and has been serving in San Francisco since 2013. She is on staff with Because Justice Matters, working with children and youth to prevent cycles of violence and poverty, as well as coordinating volunteer and church partnership efforts.

As Volunteer Coordinator & Community Liaison for BJM, Laina connects individuals, churches, and other groups to various volunteer opportunities. She also organizes and executes special events to bring awareness and establish connections with local partners.

As part of the Youth & Families Team, Laina is committed to critically thinking through community development initiatives in the Tenderloin/inner city area of San Francisco. She currently facilitates and teaches dance classes for children in the neighborhood in partnership with local recreation centers. Laina is also involved in one on one mentoring with children and young adults and various community outreaches throughout the week. She considers this work primarily pastoral, as she is mainly focused on fostering transformational relationships with girls and young women.

You can connect with Laina by emailing her. And if you’d like to financially support her ministry, visit, select your payment method, and denote “Humbles, Laina” for the donation.

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