01.05.22 | Submitting Our Plans

During today’s fasting and prayer focus, we will spend time asking God what He desires for us to know as we step into this new year. Then, we will consider the plans, or “New Year’s resolutions,” we have made and submit them to the Lord in prayer.

Begin your time with appreciation for God. Thank Him for this new year, for His faithfulness, and the ways in which He has been working in and through you over the past year.

Next, spend time submitting your requests to God in prayer. Take time to reflect on what you want to submit to God, bring this before Him, and ask Him what he wants you to know. Consider the plans you have made that you want God to be a part of, and then take time in silence to allow the Lord to respond. Journal about what you are hearing and ask God to continue to reveal more to you about what He desires for you in relation to your planning.

If you do not have a particular plan or resolution, spend time asking God what He wants to reveal to you in this new year. Is there anything He wants to partner with you in? Anything He wants you to lean into? Anything He wants to give you guidance or wisdom on? Spend time in silence before God and journal about what you hear.

Finish your time by praising God and submit all you heard today before Him in prayer.

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