How to Get Connected

The best way to connect with others in our church and with our staff is by filling out The Card. With The Card, everyone can request prayer, share a financial or practical need, join one of our Community Groups, or learn about serving in our church and city.
fill out the card

Whether you are new or have been part of our community for some time, here are the ways you can get connected and join in on what’s happening in the life of our church.

Sundays Online

To protect the most vulnerable in our church and city, we are continuing to host our Sunday service online at 10:30AM. (The video remains available for replay until 9:30PM on Sundays.) Our aim in these online services is to reorient ourselves together to the reality of Jesus and His Kingdom coming on earth, as it is in heaven.

Community Groups

Between Sundays, we connect in smaller Community Groups (CGs) every week across the city to share our lives with one another, practice the truth we learned together on Sundays, and pray for the needs of our community and city. Our hope is for everyone in our church to be part of a small, committed Community Group. Visit our Community Groups page to learn about how to join a CG.

Discipleship Courses

Discipleship Courses are short-term, catalytic experiences designed to encourage and equip our church to be resilient disciples of Jesus. Right now, we are offering two courses online: Biblical Literacy and Vocation & Spiritual Gifts.

Peer Groups

Medical personnel, hospitality/service industry workers, and parents are facing unique challenges during this pandemic, and we want to create spaces online for them to process together and care for one another. You can sign up for one of these Peer Groups here.


Beyond Sundays and Community Groups, another great way to build relationships is through serving others in our church and city. See all serving opportunities here.


Probably one of the most powerful ways to connect with others is through prayer! We host Virtual Prayer Gatherings at 8AM and 6PM, Monday through Friday, where you can join with others to pray for our church, city, nation, and world. You can also connect with staff and prayer team members for one-on-one prayer over the phone at a time most convenient for you. (Additionally, Immanuel Prayer sessions are available over Zoom on Sundays and Thursdays.)


Finally, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our weekly all-church newsletter. This is the main way we can tell you about current events, initiatives, and resources.