How to Get Connected

If you have any questions about how to get involved or if you want to connect with our ministry staff, please fill out The Card.
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Whether you are new or have been part of our community for some time, here are the ways you can get connected and join in on what’s happening in the life of our church.


Each week, we all connect as one large group on Sundays around musical worship, prayer, study of Scripture, and response. Our aim is to reorient ourselves together to the reality of Jesus and His Kingdom coming on earth, as it is in heaven. After of our gathering, you may enjoy connecting with others by sharing a meal at a Sunday Eat Up.

Community Groups

Between Sundays, we connect in smaller Community Groups (CGs) every week across the city to share our lives with one another, practice the truth we learned together on Sundays, and pray for the needs of our community and city. To join a Community Group, fill out The Card, and a staff member will follow up with you about the process to join a CG near your home or work.

Wednesday Community Gathering

Until you’re able to get placed into a CG, you’re welcome to connect with some people this week at our Wednesday Community Gathering. (You are also welcome at this gathering even if you’re already in a CG and are just looking for an additional touchpoint of fellowship during the week.)


Beyond Sundays and Community Groups, another great way to build relationships is through serving with one of our Sunday teams, ministries, or partner organizations in the city. See all serving opportunities here.

Sports Teams & Events

Another really fun way to connect with others in our church and city is by joining one of our intramural Sports Teams. Leagues start every season, and we usually participate in at least four different sports. Additionally, our church regularly hosts special events for equipping and connection.

Exploring Faith

If you’re not a follower of Jesus and are still exploring the Christian faith, you may enjoy connecting with others on a similar journey through participating in the Alpha Course.


Finally, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our weekly all-church newsletter (in the footer below). This is the main way we can tell you about current events, initiatives, and resources.