Lifting Heart &
Mind to God

Our Prayer Ministry

We exist to pray with and for others to experience the presence of God, who comforts, heals, and guides us.

Join Pre-Service Prayer

Every Sunday at 8AM, we come together to pray and listen for the Holy Spirit’s prompting. All are welcome and encouraged to participate as we ask God to work through our services and fill people’s hearts with His powerful, healing presence.

Receive Prayer on Sundays

At the end of our service each Sunday, we invite our church to respond to what they have just heard and experienced. Carpets to kneel in prayer are provided and members of our prayer team and staff are there to pray with you.

Tuesday Morning Prayer

Every Tuesday morning from 7:30-9:30AM, we host a time to pray corporately.¬†Join us as we seek to encounter the Holy Spirit, intercede on behalf of our church and city, and listen for God’s voice together.


One-on-One Prayer Calls

We know much is happening in our city, world, and lives right now. We want to extend the opportunity for you, our church, to connect with staff and prayer team members for one-on-one prayer over the phone. These prayer calls will last for 10-15 minutes. If you are interested in receiving a call, please fill out the card and indicate that you would like a one-on-one prayer call.

fill out the card

Questions or Prayer Requests?

If you have any questions about Prayer Ministry or have a specific prayer request, please email us.