Fall 2020 Rule of Life


To pursue unity in a time apart, we as a church are going to keep a shared rule of life this fall.

What Is a Rule of Life?

A rule of life (taken from a Latin word meaning trellis, as in John 15:1-17) is a way to arrange your everyday life to keep you connected to God and abiding in Jesus. 

Stephen Covey, author of the 7 Habits lessons, says that we achieve inner peace when our schedule is aligned with our values. While Jesus didn’t say that and it’s not in the Bible, it does line up well with wisdom. Our value as followers of Jesus is to make our home in God to become people of peace, joy, love, kindness, and faithfulness to our community and our world. Therefore, it stands to reason that we should arrange our life in a way to make this possible. 

According to John 15:1-10, we as Jesus’ disciples, have only one job to do: abide. Our church-wide rule of life is a way that we are collectively doing our part to abide or remain in Jesus. When it comes to how to adopt a rule of life, everyone must begin where they’re at and not where they hope to be. Some might be slowly beginning this new rule, while others might be eager for a challenge — which is why we’ve created entry level and reach versions of each practice below.

Lastly, it’s helpful to keep a rule of life with a community, and this is why we’re inviting and encouraging our whole church to jump in and keep this same rule together. We hope and pray it will be like a trellis our church community’s spiritual well-being, unity, and joy can grow on.

Our Rule of Life

Daily Bread

Weekly Fast

Weekly Sabbath

Daily Bread (Scripture Reading)

From September 21st through the end of year, we are joining other believers around the world — including King’s Cross Church in London, Trinity Grace Church in Williamsburg, and all who follow BibleProject’s reading plan — in a daily approach to Scripture using the acronym BREAD to guide us. This approach to Scripture reading invites us to:

BREAD Entry Level: Seek to spend ten minutes each day in the BREAD reading and journaling — or simply listen to the audio version.

BREAD Reach Level: Give as much time as you’re able to BREAD each day — and do it before you turn your phone on.

Participate in BREAD

There are multiple ways to engage with the reading plan this fall.

Digital Journal

In this journal first created by King’s Cross Church, there is a page for each day’s reading, where you can write in a title and responses to each prompt. Use this digital version of the journal simply as a reference or print it out.

download digital journal

BibleProject NT Videos

BibleProject Theme Videos

Printed Journal

We have created a print version of the BREAD journal, which is available for a base printing cost of $8.59 from the online bookstore Blurb (RSF makes no profit from sales). Once you place your order, the journal will be printed and shipped directly to your home.

order printed journal

Audio Version

We understand that some members of our community have a hard time finding even ten minutes of quiet and stillness in order to read and journal. That’s why we’ve created an audio version of BREAD, where each day a Reality minister will read you the Scripture and offer the prompts of Be Still, Encounter, Apply, and Devote.

Listen on Apple Podcasts

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Weekly Fasting

Every Wednesday, we desire to train our bodies in self-control and dependence upon God through fasting.

Fasting Entry Level: Just fast from lunch, taking that time to pray alone or with others safely.

Fasting Reach Level: Fast for 24 hours — meaning, eat dinner on Tuesday evening, then break your fast with dinner on Wednesday evening.

Additionally, each Wednesday, we will post a Fasting & Prayer Focus that can guide us in how to collectively fast and pray together.

Weekly Sabbath

Especially in a time such as this, we need to set aside time to rest, practice gratitude, and delight in God. A typical Sabbath starts on Friday evening and ends Saturday evening. If this is not good timing for you, feel free to choose another day.

Sabbath Entry Level: Practice just a Sabbath meal. Rest intentionally during this time, delight in God, and practice gratitude for things in the last week.

Sabbath Reach Level: Do a 24-hour Sabbath without any work, and don’t be on your phone or any other screens.