Experiencing God’s Heart Through Music

Our Music Ministry

We desire to partner in the work of the Holy Spirit by creating a space for people to draw closer to the heart of God through music.

Original Recordings from Reality SF Music

“Make Us One” is the latest single from Reality SF Music. Inspired by a poem by G.K. Chesterton, this song is a prayer for the unity of the Church as we partner with the Holy Spirit to see His Kingdom come, on earth as in heaven.

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“Spirit Breathe” is the first single in a new wave of songwriting from Reality SF Music. This song was written out of a place of longing for the Spirit of God to breathe new life into our community and city.

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Songs of our Youth was the first release from Reality SF Music in the Spring of 2012. As a four-song EP, it features three original songs and one reimagined hymn.

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Find Songs We’ve Played on Sundays

If you enjoyed one of the songs we sang at a service, you can follow our Sunday Songs Playlist on Spotify, which is a regularly-updated library of the songs we sing on Sundays.

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The door is always open for talented members of our community to join the Music Ministry. Whether you play an instrument or sing – we’d love to hear from you!

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