01.25.23 | Communion with Jesus

Today’s fasting and prayer focus is simple: spend time in communion with Jesus, allowing him to guide you through the movements of FAST.

During the Speak portion, ask Jesus:

There may be some things that come to mind regarding your personal life or profession. Or there may be a local or global issue that is stirring in your heart today. Ask Jesus to highlight what is on his heart as well and spend time in conversation with him about these things.

Utilize the four movements of FAST as you spend time with Jesus today:

  1. Focus: Find a quiet place to settle your mind and open yourself to the Holy Spirit’s presence.
  2. Adoration: Spend time honoring and exalting God, tell him what you appreciate about him. Contemplate on who he is and what he has done. You might even be able to get a sense of his presence with you.
  3. Speak: Commune with God, taking moments to both speak to him about what’s on your heart and to pause and listen for his voice. Use journals to write down what you hear him say. Ask simple follow up questions like, “is there anything else you’d like me to know about [fill in the topic]” to really get to the heart of what Jesus wants to communicate to you and what you want to say to him or plead for while you fast.
  4. Transform: Commit to taking active steps to change or address what the Lord revealed during your time of fasting.

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