02.09.22 | Repentance in Practice

Today’s BREAD reading from Luke 23 is the account of Jesus’ crucifixion and death. Today, we will focus on bringing our transgressions before Him; those things we wish to nail to the cross and see forgiveness for.

After quieting yourself before the Lord in prayer and silence, spend time thanking Jesus for who He is. If you can see Him, look into His eyes as you do so.

Next, take time to bring your sins before Jesus – be specific about what you are dealing with. Focus on those transgressions that Jesus shed His blood and died for, that you truly desire freedom from. What do you want to repent of?

Through repentance, we turn away from our sin, from the things that are in the way of pure communion with God, and turn towards something good that God has for us. So, end your time by asking God if there is anything specific that He wants you to turn towards, to practice or focus on instead. Journal about what you are hearing and finish in prayer, making an agreement with the Lord that you will commit to what He is asking of you.

If you’re able, we invite you to share what you are hearing with a trusted brother or sister, and ask them to join you in keeping one another accountable in your agreement with the Lord.

Additionally, if you are reading this, we would love to hear your feedback regarding our fasting prompts. Please consider sending an email to Tobi Grunick, responding with why you fast and/or if there is anything that would be helpful for you as we seek to offer guidance in fasting.

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