the Way of
Jesus Together

Community Groups (CGs) are communities who seek to know God and one another while practicing the way of Jesus together.
Current Practices

What to Expect

Jesus said that the world would know His followers by their love for one another (John 17:20-23). That’s why our church connects in smaller Community Groups (CGs) every week across the city to share our lives with one another, put Jesus’ teachings into practice, and pray for the needs of our community and city. Most CGs gather with authentic discussions and honest prayers, while caring for one another as the redeemed family of God. Weekly Practice Guides created by our staff offer groups guidance in how to facilitate their group time. (Note: all CGs are currently meeting virtually.)

How to Join a Group

Fill Out The Card

To start the process of joining a CG, fill out The Card, which is our main tool for getting people connected. (When you complete The Card, be sure to select Community Groups under “I want to get involved at Reality SF” )

Request to Join a Group

After filling out The Card, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Group Finder, which displays all of our existing Community Groups. Choose a group and request to join. (Note: please do not request to join more than two groups at a time.)

Connect with a CG Leader

After you request to join a group, a leader will follow up shortly about onboarding you into the CG!

Community Group Leadership

Community Groups are led by a staff team overseeing specific areas of ministry:

Leadership Care & Support:
Tobi Grunick & Jessica Gracewski

Practice Guide Content & Leadership Training:
Matt Barrios

Newcomer Engagement & Community Building:
Nkechi Neuberg