God Will Not Fail You (02.07.22)

Processing and responding to the Sunday sermon

Opening Prayer

After the group welcomes one another, have one person open in prayer and then take 2-3 minutes of silence. As you sit in silence, ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart in love toward God and your group mates. 

The Call to Repentance

On Sunday, Ruthie preached on Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and the fish in Mark 6:30-44.

In the sermon, Ruthie explored the idea of a Plan A vs. Plan B life. A Plan A life is the life God calls us to that’s marked by serving God, taking risks, and living passionately, and a Plan B life is the alternatives we might settle for instead.

The key difference between these two Plans is awareness of the presence of God, the miracle worker. When we might doubt God will come through and settle for Plan B, Plan A banks on an unfailing God who can make what seems impossible possible—like miraculously feeding a crowd with just a few loaves and fish.

Reflection and Discussion

Read Mark 6:30-44 and then prayerfully and silently reflect on the passage and these questions.

After silently reflecting, take these thoughts into a time of group discussion.

Closing Intercession

Pray for your group, our church, our city, and our world.