The Village
Teaching Resources

March 2020

This blog is a resource for you to reinforce what your children are learning each week in The Village. We’ve included the Bible reading that will be the focus each week. We encourage you to read it again with your children during the week and experience God together as well as create space for questions. This month is focused on exploring Jesus’ parables, it’s a great opportunity to relate these to real life experiences.

You can also learn more about the Grow curriculum here.

March 1st

Matthew 13:1-23, The Sower and the Seed

March 8th

Matthew 13:31-35, The Mustard Seed

March 15th

Luke 15:4-32, The Lost Sheep

March 22nd

Matthew 25:14-30, The Talents

March 29th

Luke 7:40-50, The Two Debtors & Jesus’ Anointing