Marriage & Divorce

We constantly looked at marriage through the lens of “What can I get out of it.” Pastor Dave Lomas speaks on Jesus teaching us the place of marriage in the story of God, and the permanence of marriage in its creation.

Mark 10:1-16 | Taught on 30 Jan 2011 | 40:32


Love & Sacrifice

There is a certain commitment when entering into any type of relationship. Pastor Dave Lomas speaks on Jesus’ commitment to love and sacrifice.

Mark 10:32-45 | Taught on 13 Feb 2011 | 41:58


Money & Idolatry

How often do we look at other things–not just money–as our savior? Pastor Dave Lomas speaks on Jesus teaching His followers about the only thing they can “do” to inherit eternal life.

Mark 10:13-31 | Taught on 06 Feb 2011 | 40:28


Hell & Temptation

Is it worth it to have everything, but to be away from God? Pastor Dave Lomas speaks on Hell and Temptation.

Mark 9:42-50 | Taught on 23 Jan 2011 | 37:27


Power & Service

We are constantly trying to figure out how we are better than the person next to us. Pastor Dave Lomas speaks on how Jesus correlates service and power.

Mark 9:30-41 | Taught on 16 Jan 2011 | 39:01