The Problem with the Bible

Dave Lomas introduces the Year of Biblical Literacy and teaches from John 5:39-40 and Matthew 28:16-18 on Jesus’ relationship with the Bible and how we, as followers of Christ, aim to have the same kind of relationship with it.

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John 5:39-40, Matthew 28:16-18 | Taught on 03 Jan 2016 | 40:03

The Reason for the Bible

Dave Lomas teaches from 2 Timothy 3:14-17 on why the Bible is important to us as followers of Christ and how it tells one unified story that leads us to Jesus.

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2 Timothy 3:14-17 | Taught on 10 Jan 2016 | 40:45

The Origins of the Bible

Tim Mackie teaches on how the Bible came to be and what it means to engage with it as both a human and divine book. (You may also find Tim’s related Lecture on Canonization helpful.)

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Exodus 17:8-9, 17:14, 24:3-8 | Taught on 17 Jan 2016 | 56:07

The Meaning of the Bible

Dave Lomas teaches from Luke 24:13-32 on the intended purpose of reading the Bible and how we ought to interpret and engage with it.

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Luke 24:13-32 | Taught on 24 Jan 2016 | 38:13