03.03.21 | Submitting Our Plans

In today’s BREAD reading from Acts 19, the importance of both the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit are revealed (v. 1-6, 11-12). In response to these acts and teachings, “many of those who believed now came and openly confessed what they had done. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly” (Acts 19:18-19). Sorcery is typically seen as a way to try to foresee and establish a future through counterfeit spirits. However, as followers of Jesus, we live under the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.

With this in mind, during today’s fasting and prayer time, we will each focus on contemplating and reflecting on how we envision the future for ourselves. Ask yourself: what do I want to accomplish in each area of my life? What are my career goals, financial goals? Who do I envision as a partner? Do I have a life dream? Write your answers down.

Then, take these things and submit them in prayer, under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to reveal what he has for you, and how he wants to engage with you about these future goals. 

It is often good to do this in community or with another brother or sister. Partner with a trusted voice in your life, each of you praying for one another’s plans, and listening for God’s voice as you submit these plans together.

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